2 Page Advertorial


Narrate Your Brand Story: Dive deep into storytelling with our 2 Page Advertorial. Perfect for brands looking to weave a narrative, this space offers a blend of content and visuals, allowing you to engage, inform, and inspire in equal measure.


  • Content: Expertly crafted by our seasoned editorial team, ensuring authenticity and alignment with your brand’s voice.

  • Format: Two full A4 pages, accommodating up to 1000 words, interspersed with impactful photos and a captivating title.

  • Image sizes for assets: For best results, please provide original full resolution files for any assets to be included in the design. We print at 300DPI, images which have been cropped or optimised for smaller file sizes may appear blurry when printed. 

  • Interactive Elements: In digital format (pdf/flipbook) you can include links, videos and even contact forms for users to fill in. In print, links can be included as QR codes – to ensure best possible experience, we recommend using only one interactive element. 

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